InkJet, Inc. Adds Kortho GraphicJet X-Series

Hi-Res InkJet Printers print on multiple materials, including paperboard and paper packaging such as boxes, trays, bags, plastics and metals.

InkJet, Inc. announces the addition of the Kortho GraphicJet X-Series High Resolution Printers to its product portfolio.Manufactured in The Netherlands, Kortho’s Hi-Res Inkjet printers are known for their durable hardware and seamless automation, making them one of the most cost efficient, reliable and hassle-free Hi-Res Inkjets available globally.

With the addition of the Kortho GraphicJet X-Series to its product line, InkJet, Inc. now offers a new level of versatility and quality for printing on porous and non-porous surfaces, including paperboard and paper packaging such as boxes, trays, bags, plastics, metals and other materials such as wood, polystyrene, and even stone and concrete products.

These GraphiJet X-Series printers deliver several technological advantages, including a 100% Windows-based operating system; a Windows network driver for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration; ability to printdirectly from a database; and Unicode font support that makes all keyboards, menus and auto codes available in any language.

“Kortho printers have been widely used in Europe for many years, and InkJet, Inc. is excited to introduce its customers to the X-Series. We pride ourselves in providing our customers access to affordable, durable equipment that protects and optimizes their valuable production lines. The Kortho GraphicJet X-Series of printers do that exceptionally well,” says Bill Allen, InkJet, Inc.’s Hardware Portfolio Director.

A comparison when printing the same label with HPÒ Cartridges, GraphicJet X18 gave 225% more prints per liter of ink, and the line did not have to be stopped for refilling.The company says that when applying the same label with Print & Apply Labels, one label costs, on average, the same as approximately 96 prints with Graphicjet X18.

“Users are going to be thrilled with the low cost per print, remote diagnostics for service over the Internet and ability to adapt to their environment and network,” says Meindert de Groot Jr., Kortho’s Director of Coding and Marking.

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