Bisio Progetti: Resealable Single-Dose Strips Available in Polyethylene and Polypropylene

Strips consist of five breakaway vials in sizes ranging from 0.3 to 10 milliliters; product allows collection of regimen products in one contained offering that delivers a precise amount each use.

Bisio Progetti's Single-Dose Strips
Bisio Progetti's Single-Dose Strips


AJG Packaging, a New Jersey-based provider for sourcing, filling, and secondary packaging needs, announced the availability of resealable single-dose vials for a multitude of applications from Italian packaging leader, Bisio Progetti. These consist of five resealable breakaway vials and are available in either polyethylene or polypropylene in sizes that range from 0.3 to 10.0 milliliters. Originally developed for ophthalmic eye drops, these multi-purpose, single-dose strips are designed to accommodate a variety of uses, including regimen products in one contained offering that delivers a precise amount each time.

AJGPackaging is the distributor ofBisio Progettiproducts in the United States. According toAJGrepresentatives, the possibilities for the multi-purpose single-dose vials include a variety of facial, sun, and hair care products—such as sun tanning products, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body scrub, and cannabidiol (CBD) substances. The tubes are available in a variety of different resins and colors, depending upon a client’s product needs and specifications. Single-dose vials can be labeled or printed with a product/brand name, dosage, etc.

Configured as single-dose strips, the five re-closeable tubes are designed to be filled with any liquid, cream, or lotion. Users should be able to dispense multiple doses from a tube or size a strip so that each individual tube provides a single dose. Users of multi-use tubes can reseal them simply by inverting and replacing the cap.

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