Cancer chemo patients improve quality of life; complex sugar drug DAVANAT proven in four FDA trials*

In four FDA trials, 97 cancer patients were dosed with a combination of chemotherapy and DAVANAT. During the trials, patients taking DAVANAT experienced significantly fewer serious side effects of chemotherapy including mucositis, gastrointestinal problems, loss of hair, nausea and vomiting according to Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. DAVANAT targets the chemo into the tumors thereby protecting the healthy cells and reducing the chemo¹s side effects.

DAVANAT is a naturally occurring, complex sugar administered with chemotherapies and biologics to treat cancer. It is reported that $billions a year are spent on treating the side effects of chemotherapy. According to the National Cancer Institute, DAVANAT may be the next generation of cancer treatment that scientists have been struggling to find for the past four decades.

Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the exclusive developer of DAVANAT.
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