Netflix Model for Doctor Visits

With Direct Primary Care, patients pay a monthly membership fee for unlimited visits to a specific doctor.

Membership Primary Care / Photo: iStock
Membership Primary Care / Photo: iStock

A February 22nd article from Associations Now likened the concept of Direct Primary Care (DPC) to the same monthly membership model employed by Netflix. A concept that’s gained momentum in the past few years, DPC is an alternative to the Affordable Care Act in which a membership enables unlimited doctor visits, a dream come true for hypochondriacs (What About Bob?). One benefit of the system is that it eliminates the intricacies of insurance claim processing and its high administrative costs, which can account for 40% of a practice’s overhead.

A new survey found that of the 75% of clinicians surveyed who currently use a traditional insurance model, 35% would consider switching to a private model like DPC in the next three years. The article does note that this model is not for everyone; patients with serious medical concerns are better off with the traditional medical system.

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