Pharmacy start-up PillPack raises $50 million in funding

PillPack wants to be the pharmacy of the future, and a number of venture capitalists seem to agree they should be.

PillPack, a mail order medication company that boasts about making the patient experience much simpler than conventional pharmacies, raised $50 million in funding from venture capitalists, reported Reuters.

The pharmacy offers solutions to make taking prescription medication easier, such as delivering rolls of individual-dose packs labeled by time and date, and managing all of the follow up, including contacting the patient's doctor for refills.

They even send text messages before each shipment, asking if there needs to be any updates to the medication, or shipping address.

Reuters reported that according to the National Venture Capital Association, life sciences drew $2.2 billion in venture backing.

Investors may know what they are talking about when thinking this is the future of pharma. The individual-dose package has been also catching the eye of consumers, especially those who are taking care of elderly family members, as it makes it takes away the burden of remembering to get refills or set up multiple medications.

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