Covectra: Smart Label and Mobile Authentication

Next Generation Stellaguard brings mobile product authentication to consumers worldwide; combines two methods of simultaneous authentication with serialization and random patterns and numbers of holographic stars.

Stella Guard Mobile App 2

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Covectra, provider of track and trace solutions, announced the next generation of StellaGuard, a smart label and mobile authentication solution designed to enable brand managers and consumers to easily and more accurately identify, authenticate, and track genuine products and combat counterfeiting.

StellaGuard’s secure, cloud-based mobile authentication system is designed for a variety of industries–from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, liquor, consumer electronics, and more—to protect buyers, identify illicit sellers, provide universal brand protection, and strengthen track and tracing capabilities throughout the supply chain.

The new version of StellaGuard includes enhancements, including the unique combination of two methods of authentication simultaneously–serialization and the use of random numbers and holographic star patterns the company reports are virtually impossible labels to counterfeit. 

In today’s retail and e-commerce environment, the problem of fraud and counterfeit products continues to grow, impacting the bottom line and brand integrity for legitimate retailers and posing a health and safety hazard with potentially dangerous consequences to consumers. With third-party merchants popping up exponentially, many existing security product labels either require specialized reading devices or lack the ability for manufacturers to comprehensively trace their products through the supply chain to the consumer. 

When combined with the company’s AuthentiTrack, the system is designed to offer a comprehensive track and trace program which can be scaled to any operation.    

Unique smart label fights counterfeiting

Brands can now serialize their products with Covectra’s unique StellaGuard smart label. The new label provides a dual layer of protection with a unique, patented, non-reproducible film that combines a serialized QR barcode with a 3D image of holographic “stars” embedded in a random, non-repeatable pattern, distributed at varying depths and positions inside the label. 

With StellaGuard, brand managers can now quickly identify and analyze scans that their consumers have taken.

Easy and accurate product authentication via smartphone

Using any smartphone, consumers simply scan the product’s barcode using the free StellaGuard mobile app and verify the product’s authenticity within seconds. This solution eliminates the need for a special device, making it easily accessible to consumers, field inspectors, supply chain, and custom officers. The StellaGuard packaging line cameras capture the star pattern on the label and store it in the AuthentiTrack Cloud. 


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