Cold Chain Technologies With Cloudleaf: Enhanced Real-Time Visibility for End-to-End Distribution of Temperature-Sensitive Drugs and Biologics

The new offering—Cold Chain Technologies Smart Solutions—is designed to augment the company's thermal packaging solutions with Cloudleaf's Digital Visibility Platform to prevent spoilage and improve delivery efforts for critical drugs and biologics.

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Cold Chain Technologies, a global provider of reusable and single-use thermal assurance solutions for the distribution and last-mile transport of temperature-sensitive products for the life sciences industry, announced a partnership with Cloudleaf, provider of next generation digital supply chain solutions, to launch Cold Chain Technologies Smart Solutions.

The new offering, based on Cloudleaf's Digital Visibility Platform, will enable real-time, holistic, and actionable insights into the location and condition of temperature-sensitive drugs and biologics, including the COVID-19 vaccines being transported in Cold Chain Technologies' thermal shipping containers—down to the last mile. 

The biopharma industry loses about $35B annually as a result of failures in temperature-controlled logistics. Having real-time visibility into vaccine and drug shipments is critical in mitigating loss. Cold Chain Technologies recognizes this challenge and has taken proactive steps with its partnership with Cloudleaf to ensure these losses are kept to a minimum. This partnership will improve supply chain visibility and agility for Cold Chain Technologies' customers who rely on its 50-plus years of experience in providing temperature-sensitive shipping solutions to deliver critical treatments safely and effectively to the public. In the short term, it will play an integral role in safely getting vaccines to patients and bringing global relief from COVID-19's far-reaching impact.  

The pandemic has highlighted the need for insight into shipping and storage conditions. Cold Chain Technologies sought a partner with advanced IoT sensor technologies, near real-time tracking and data-analytics capabilities to offer customers visibility into the location of their shipments.

Cloudleaf's Digital Visibility Platform is sensor-agnostic and enables containers with a prescriptive analysis of vaccine conditions down to the unit level. Cold Chain Technologies has tripled the production of temperature-sensitive parcels for vaccines in recent months.

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout ramps up, Cold Chain Technologies will be able to provide its customers 24/7 visibility through Cold Chain Technologies Smart Solutions, including product location and condition, to ensure vaccines arrive on time with maintained temperature requirement adherence throughout the entire shipping process. 

Beyond vaccines, the combined solution will track critical parameters for drugs and biologics such as location, temperature, and vibration, along with data streams about weather, traffic, flight schedules, and more. The system is designed to not only remove blind spots in the supply chain but flag potential issues so that they can be rectified before product is compromised.  

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