BioPharm Asia estimates will open an add' 500-600 pharmacies in China*

With the healthcare debate raging here in the US, it's interesting to note that we're not alone in this challenge.

Due to a recent national reform in China, the government there has pledged to cover 90% of the Chinese population with free healthcare and pharmaceutical coverage over the next 3-years. One US-based company, BioPharm Asia, Inc., is poised to be at the heart of this fastest growing industry.

The company plans to open an estimated additional 500-600 pharmacies in China in the next 60-days. Currently highly profitable, BioPharm Asia believes their access to infrastructure and distribution networks will ensure they stay so; factors include: owning their own farmland in China for growing traditional Chinese medicine - this cuts out the middleman/distributor and allows medicine to go straight to retail - saving consumers money.

BioPharm Asia is expected to grow to a total of 5,000 pharmacies and be a leader in what they see as a huge nascent industry that will eventually be dominated by just a few key giants -- and BioPharm Asia intends to be one of them.
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