Upcoming 20-Min Talk: 21st Century Supply Chain Threats

Healthcare Packaging’s Keren Sookne will discuss considerations for whether supply chains are ready for 21st century threats on Systech’s Brand Protection LIVE series, Jun. 17 @ 11am ET. See you there!

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It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected distribution in and out of the healthcare sector. Brand owners will need to be even more proactive in assessing threats to maintain business continuity and cost-effectiveness in the coming years, particularly in regard to climate change. Experts say every dollar in preparedness saves six in relief efforts.

On Systech’s Brand Protection LIVE series of 20-min talks, Keren will review:

  • Some key stats observed in patient demands and sustainability since the outbreak
  • As we move into hurricane season, considerations for responding to more than one hazard at once
  • What will the industry need in the coming several years for pandemic vaccines and treatment

What: Systech’s Brand Protection LIVE series

When: Jun. 17, 2020 @ 11am ET

To sign up—and get access to previous sessions—visit this link.>>>

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