Dow: Peel polymer

Dow expanded its family of SEALUTION™ Peel Polymers with SEALUTION™ 220 Peel Polymer.


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The polyolefin-based, single pellet polymer can seal to both polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) to deliver a broad, easy-to-peel seal window with low, consistent peel force. SEALUTION™ 220 provides improved clarity, higher output rates, and simpler processing due to the need for no blending as compared to conventional peelable-seal solutions.

SEALUTION™ 220 is designed for low peel force application such as lamination films, stand-up and pillow pouches, flexible forming webs, and lid-stock for PP and PE trays for meats and cheeses.

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics’ portfolio of SEALUTION™ Peel Polymers are featured in many food and grocery items consumers use daily. From cereal packaging to stand up pouches, Dow’s family of peelable-seal polymers is designed to offer consistency and versatility to meet the growing demand for consumer convenience packaging.

Additionally, all of Dow’s SEALUTION™ Peel Polymers are designed to provide lock-up seals for 24-48 hours after sealing and then age down to a peelable-seal to provide the best combination of at-line and at-home performance.

All SEALUTION Peel-Polymers are compositionally compliant with Europe Commission Regulation No 10/2011 and FDA approved.

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