Counting Down the Top 10 Articles of 2019 - #5: Recycling Flexible Packaging from Hospitals

We’re taking a look at the most-read Healthcare Packaging stories of 2019. At #5 is this article detailing how flexible healthcare packaging materials can be recycled.

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In our top 10 of 2019, we examine an HPRC assessment that had promising results for recycling multi-material plastics from hospitals (article here). Often thought of as too difficult due to the “ick” factor, multi-materials or busy hospital staff, the packages were recycled with careful sorting and detailed logistics. The experts discussed strategies and four important recycle-ready questions to ask yourself.


Each day, approximately 14,000 tons of waste are generated in the U.S. at healthcare facilities, with 20 to 25% of this waste coming from plastic packaging and products.

Brand owners are increasingly looking at reuse and recycle-readiness of their products. In healthcare, flexible plastics pose a unique challenge for manufacturers, said Tristan Steichen, Senior Consultant at the Antea Group, and Nicholas Packet, DuPont Packaging Engineer, at Healthpack 2019 in Portland, OR.

A big problem in the industry is the “ick factor” from a recycler perspective, as companies are worried that healthcare plastics are biohazardous...

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