Bilcare Research AG: Nano and micro-particle authentication

Bilcare Research AG's nonClonableID for the pharmaceutical industry strengthens supply chain security and fights counterfeiting through the incorporation of unique product fingerprints.

Hp 20618 600 Bilcare Non Clonable Id Highres


Integrates into existing packaging operations as unit-level labels on blister packs, secondary packaging, or tamper-evident closure labels; nonClonableID addresses the growing need for instant authentication, secure track-and-trace and e-pedigree in a scalable, cost-effective manner.

Employs a unique materials-based fingerprint for each product that is impossible to copy. The fingerprint cannot be duplicated even by Bilcare itself. The nonClonableID achieves this level of security through a system of randomly placed micro- and nano-particles that make up a one-of-a-kind authentication tag. When combined with the tags' real-time verification capabilities, the result is a foolproof authentication process whose levels of assurance far exceed most existing security technologies.

These materials-based fingerprints are applied as tamper-evident labels on product packaging. Authentication is available in just seconds through a commercially available reader that checks a scanned fingerprint against an online database; the information can even be sent to individual smartphones. nonClonableID also can be custom-designed to address product-specific integrity challenges.

The technology behind nonClonableID also can assist with patient compliance by ensuring proper dispensation of medication and compliance with medication regimen via real-time monitoring by the healthcare provider/pharmacist.


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