DDL's Expands their Product & Materials Division

DDL, leader in medical device package, product and material testing, continues to expand their Product & Materials Division.


DDL is known for their expertise in package testing validation (ISO11607), however, in 2003 DDL expanded their services by adding a product and materials testing division.

"Based on the equipment that we used for package testing, we were also able to conduct testing on medical products and their materials," said Pat Nolan, President of DDL. "For example, the package seal strength test, ASTM F88, is conducted on a small tensile machine. With a slightly larger tensile machine, DDL was able to conduct product strength tests on medical devices."

Over time, as the product and materials testing market grew, DDL purchased more equipment and in 2005 hired a full time sales engineer, Al Gale, to manage the product and materials testing business.

Today, DDL's Product & Materials Division consists of nine team members consisting of three technicians, three project managers, twp sales engineers and now, due to continued business growth, the addition of a fourth project manager - internal candidate, Kip Jackson.

Kip Jackson joined the DDL team in 2008 as a Packaging Project Manager and has gained a very favorable reputation among his customers. Four years later, Jackson made the strategic move into Product & Materials Division also as a project manager.

"I saw the internal job posting as an opportunity for me to look deeper into another department at DDL. I wanted to expand my knowledge of the testing industry as whole. My experience in package was a good complement," Jackson, said.

"Kip has past experience in flexible packaging, including tensile testing, which makes him familiar with some of the materials we already test," Mark Francis, Product and Materials Lab Manager said. "It is a logical move that will prove to be an asset to our team. To have someone who understands packaging testing as well as product and materials testing is very helpful to us and our customers."

DDL's Product & Materials Division tests against ANSI, ASTM, IEC, ISO and EN standards. Vibration, physical shock, thermal shock, flow rate and compression testing are among the many other tests that can be carried out at DDL to help the medical device developer understand their product


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