DDL Announces the development of the Responsible Packaging Development Group Aimed at Assisting Companies in Achieving their Desired Level of Sustainability

DDL, industry leader in medical device package, product and material testing, announces the expansion of their testing capabilities with the addition of sustainable package testing and their newly formed Responsible Packaging Development Group.

"We can all see that the industry is shifting to towards a 'responsible' packaging trend," DDL President, Patrick Nolan, said. "DDL is responding to this shift with the addition of our Responsible Packaging Development Group designed to assist companies in the steps that need to be taken in achieving your desired level of sustainability."

DDL, known in the industry for their expertise in medical device package testing, has been conducting distribution simulation testing on packages for more than 20 years. DDL's tenured engineers have a strong understanding of the distribution environment and the conditions that a package goes through during the transportation process.

"A number of companies understand the importance of designing sustainable packaging; however, many fail to consider the potential unintended consequences that could arise if the package is not tested to ensure the environment it is exposed to is allowing the new package design to effectively protect the product," Nolan said. "Our experience with distribution simulation testing will help ensure that you're new sustainable package is still protecting your product as originally intended."

DDL's Responsible Packaging Development Group can assist companies in the following ways;

Compliance to ISO packaging and environmental standard
Initial Package Design with optimization in mind
Material selection for optimal source reduction
Package design testing for evaluation of optimization of material strength and performance
Package design testing for confirmation of effective cost reduction
Reduce unintended consequence of source reduction

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