WINMEC RFID Executive Forum - Modifying Global Business for Competitiveness*

RFID has started to have a major impact on various industry segments ranging from retail to healthcare, and, energy to manufacturing.

While in early part of this century, retail and supply chain were the most relevant industries where RFID was applied, today, this technology has become far more pervasive resulting in its application in wide ranging industries including healthcare, energy, electric utilities, etc. Essentially this technology is tracking and monitoring key assets and inventory whose optimization of utilization is a key competitive advantage for global businesses. Business benefits include streamlining of business processes, supply chain collaboration, rapid availability of business data, higher level of granularity in business intelligence, refined inventory management, better accounting and financing of assets, global visibility into distributed enterprises, and, enhanced infrastructure management.

This forum will bring together business, government, technical and education leaders from across the world to discuss how entire industries are being modified and benefiting by this technology. Opportunities and challenges will also be discussed. The topics discussed will include (but not limited to):

* Integrating RFID into Business Processes
* Long-term versus short-term ROI
* Business Process Modification to obtain benefits of RFID
* RFID system modeling
* Impact of RFID on the I.T. infrastructure
* Advanced RFID technologies in tags, readers, networks, security
* How businesses are modifying their capability to obtain and utilize the large amounts of data that RFID produces
* How enterprises are integrating RFID within their ERP, SCM and Supply Chain systems.
* How businesses are requiring less inventory in their warehouses and developing more Just in time strategies instead of just in case.
* Novel web services created as a result of RFID
* Security and Privacy issues in RFID
* Effect of RFID on finance, accounting and auditing of business operations
* RFID infrastructures, management and scaling
* Applications-based, industry-based and vertical-based RFID enabled solutions
* RFID as an enabling technology for new businesses.
* Asset optimization for global enterprises

As technical innovations are being combined with successful business requirements in the most commonly found application - inventory/supply chain, several industries have moved forward aggressively in pursuing projects ranging from pilots to full scale deployments. For example the airline industry is using tagging of baggage to help reduce lost luggage (in several airports throughout the world). Aerospace companies are starting to use RFID to track their components and sub-assemblies through the life cycle of the aircraft. Retail industry is investigating RFID for unit-package level tagging which has traditionally been a difficult problem (e.g. Sam's Club mandate). Manufacturing companies are using RFID to located critical components or assemblies in a factory or warehouse. The pharmaceutical industry, by way of e-pedigree mandate such as in the State of California going into effect in the next several years is exploring RFID for counterfeit prevention. The healthcare industry is looking at applications of RFID for tracking medicines, patients, specimens, etc. Governments worldwide are experimenting with secure RFID tags for passports and also for border control. Homeland security departments are investigating RFID for validating contents of container shipments at maritime ports. Logistics companies are using RFID to expedite cargo arrival, sorting, storage, retrieval and shipping. As a result of the vast range of applications, the following industries will be invited to participate at the forum:

* Aerospace
* Agricultural and food tracking
* Airlines and shipping lines
* Animal and Livestock
* Defense and Defense Logistics
* Healthcare
* Homeland Security
* Logistics and Supply Chain
* Manufacturing
* Medical devices and biotech industry
* Pharmaceuticals
* Retail

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