FDA Cracks Down on E-Liquids with Packaging that Resembles Children’s Foods

The FDA is going after companies that make and sell e-liquids used in e-cigs with labeling aimed at children.

Nicotine Products That Resemble Children's Foods / Image: FDA
Nicotine Products That Resemble Children's Foods / Image: FDA

A May 1st FDA News Release reported on the FDA’s ongoing effort to protect children from the dangers of nicotine and tobacco. The Agency issued 13 warning letters to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that sell e-cig products that resemble children’s food products like juice boxes, candy, or cookies.

Apparently these companies had taken a cue from cereal box designers in hopes of attracting young customers. Many of the companies mentioned in the news release were also cited for illegally selling their products to minors through multiple online retailers. The FDA and FTC want specifics on how each company will address the agency’s concerns, and have requested responses from them within 15 working days.

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