Quick Hits: Allergan is Seeking Women with Recalled Breast Implants

Allergan recalled breast implants more than 10 months ago; now they are trying to find the women who still have them.

According to a recent Fortune article, Allergan is making an effort to find tens of thousands of women who still have their recalled breast implants in their bodies. The announcement comes two weeks after Fortune published an investigation into the health risks associated with breast implants. Allergan, now owned by AbbVie, will launch a digital and social media ad campaign alerting patients of the recall of its textured Biocell implants, which have been linked to a form of cancer that has claimed more than 33 lives.

The ad campaign is likely linked to the FDA’s request for Allergan to develop a strategy to contact patients who may not have heard about the recall. The agency is working with Allergan to amplify the message and outreach by promoting the campaign on its website and social media channels.