Mayo-Backed Nonprofit to Make Cheaper Insulin

Civica Rx will manufacture the majority of its low-cost insulin products in the United States.

If you caught President Biden’s first State of the Union Address last week, you know that bringing drug prices down is at the forefront of his administration’s goals. In that same vein, a recent KIMT3 News article discussed a new non-profit organization that aims to make insulin more accessible for Americans. The company is called Civica Rx, and it was co-rounded by the Mayo Clinic. It plans to manufacture and distribute a variety of insulin products including Glargine, Lispro, and Apsart, which are alternatives for Lantus, Humalog, and Novolog, respectively.

According to Civica, consumers will be charged no more than $30 per vial and the cost for a box of five pen cartridges will be capped at $55, both significantly cheaper than uninsured patients currently pay. Even better, the Mayo Clinic noted that Civica will be able to manufacture a “substantial amount” of the insulin needed in the United States. The company is working toward FDA approval by completing applications for clinical trials now, but at least one of their generic insulin products, Glargine, should be available as early as 2024.