Smear Tests May Soon Scan for Multiple Types of Cancer

New peer-reviewed research suggests a common smear test can now screen for three additional types of cancer.

Smear tests are used to monitor the health of the cervix, and help prevent cervical cancer. However, according to a recent EuroNews article, the common tests could detect three other types of cancer that predominantly affect women. The new method of testing includes ovarian, breast, and womb in addition to cervical cancer. This is great news for people with high risk for any of these cancer types who can now be offered routine surveillance, risk-reducing surgery, or life-saving therapeutics.

โ€œCreating a new screening tool for the four most prevalent cancers that affect women and people with gynae organs โ€“ particularly the ones which are currently most difficult to detect at an early stage - from a single test could be revolutionary,โ€ said Athena Lamnisos, the chief executive of the Eve Appeal, which is funding the research alongside the European Research Council.