Rehrig Pacific Co.: Plastic pallets

Rehrig Pacific Company ‘s HuskyLite® Nestable SG Plastic Pallets measure 40-in. x 48-in., feature complex geometric shapes, maintain precise tolerances, and reinforce specific areas of the pallet that receive the most abuse.

Pw 6009 Webrehrig
High-pressure injection molding produces a tough, nestable plastic pallet with additional load carrying capacity with no flowering. Highly-beveled leading edges around the rim allow easier entry by fork lift tynes into a stack of nested pallets. Large surface areas on the leg bottoms improve conveying, while 8 ergonomically located handles accommodate hand stacking. Top decks are scuffed to reduce slippage, and a better nesting ratio saves space in shipping, storage and back-hauling. Nesting leg options allow for seamless integration with nearly all nestable pallet inventories.

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