Faubel/Elpro: Booklet Labels with Temperature Indicators

Labels identify and monitor pharmaceutical products and document transport and storage conditions during the entire supply chain.

Pharmaceutical products without proper labeling impact patient safety, and the lack of temperature monitoring during storage and transport impacts the efficiency of those products. To mitigate those two major risks, it is necessary to apply labels directly to the product and document transport and storage conditions during the entire supply chain. To solve those two important challenges Faubel and ELPRO now offer the Faubel-Compact® Label for multi-language product labeling with an integrated state-of-the-art LIBERO ITS (indicator tab start) temperature indicator from ELPRO. With a battery life of four years, LIBERO ITS enables seamless, end-to-end temperature monitoring on box or kit level. This provides end-to-end safety for a drug supply chain with growing complexities including several transport legs, storage situations and many involved parties. The temperature indicator is applied directly to the Faubel-Compact Label and stays on the product from filling to the patient. LIBERO ITS monitors temperature deviations and constantly manages the remaining stability budget. The status can be viewed at any time by pressing a button. All available statistics can be downloaded and documented to a smartphone app. A cloud database allows central and secure archiving of the data. LIBERO ITS measures only 3 x 30 x 30 mm and can be easily integrated into a Faubel-Compact Label. Therefore, the booklet label including the temperature indicator can be applied in one action during the filling, packaging and labeling process, which saves time and gains efficiency. This solution can be adapted to various containers, for example, for a wrap-around application for syringes or as a flag-label for vials.
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