Cold Chain Technologies: Pallet shipping system

KoolTemp GTS Evolution 1400L is designed for high-value, palletized pharmaceuticals.

Cold Chain Technologies introduces KoolTemp® GTS Evolution 1400L, a qualified pallet shipping system designed specifically for the shipment of high-value, palletized pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products. The GTS Evolution 1400L offers five-plus days of extreme temperature protection and is suited for long duration shipments in weather extremes.

The KoolTemp GTS Evolution 1400L provides shippers with performance, flexibility, and ease of use. As the successor to the company’s flagship KoolTemp GTS 5420, the GTS Evolution 1400L expands on its predecessor’s strengths while improving across every single measurable category. The performance is greatly improved through the use of Koolit® Advanced PCM (Phase Change Material) while simultaneously increasing payload capacity and simplicity. As a result, system weight, complexity, and total cost are greatly reduced, according to the vendor.

Through several patent-pending technologies in combination with Koolit Advanced PCM and KoolDesigns® Thermal modeling, the GTS 1400L is a full-pallet shipping system with a modular platform that allows the user to configure the system for various temperature ranges as well as individual applications, such as clinical trial vs finished commercial goods shipments.

GTS Evolution 1400L highlights include the following:

• Modular component design

• Universal packout

• Five-plus days of robust hot and cold thermal performance

• Triple qualified for 2°‒8°C (available now), CRT (available Q4), and frozen (available Q1 2016) applications

• Ergonomic Koolit Cassette design

• Single-step refrigerant conditioning

The GTS Evolution 1400L is the latest system from the next-generation line of KoolTemp GTS parcel and pallet shipping systems powered by Koolit Advanced PCM and designed for multiple needs and durations.

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