CSafe Global: Air cargo containers

New one-way lease options ease container logistics for lessees of CSafe RKN.

CSafe Global’s RKN is a compressor-driven refrigeration unit with precise temperature management of 4° to 25°C. The robust insulation and thermal capabilities will withstand extended hold times and delays in transit. The battery life is more than 100 hours at 25°C, and because there is no dry ice there are no special handling charges or charges forhazardous goods. In addition, the data-tracking device monitors and verifies the payload temperature to aid regulatory compliance, and data is easily downloadable via USB.

CSafe Global has expanded its single-journey lease options to provide more flexibility to customers. Lessees can now return CSafe RKNs at no fee to more than half of the service centers in the CSafe network. In addition, new one-way options allow lessees to end their lease in an additional 20 out-of-network CSafe locations with CSafe handling the container return transportation for a small additional fee.

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