Orbis: Plastic tote

FP403 reduces transportation costs and is suitable for bulky shipments or lightweight items.

Orbis Corp. has launched the FP403, the newest addition to the FliPak product line of plastic containers and totes. The FP403 tote offers generous internal capacity for all types of products while cutting unnecessary transportation costs.

The 28x20x5-in. FP403 is designed to work in many automation systems in today’s supply chains. The reusable, plastic, attached-lid container takes the place of corrugated shipping boxes for a long-term reduction in packaging costs and performance that means greater overall operational efficiency and space savings, according to the vendor. It is ideal for the handling, storage, and shipment of larger bulky items or small lightweight items.

The FP403 design includes an improved hinge available in plastic or metal. To prevent product damage and protect workers the metal hinge wire is bent down, which stops it from exiting the hinge channel and leaves only plastic at the end of the hinge elements. In addition, a new feature keeps lids in the upright position so it is easier for employees to load and remove product from the tote.

Like all FliPak containers, the FP403 stacks when full and nests when empty for a more efficient use of available space. In addition, it features a highly efficient nest ratio, reducing the need for additional transportation expenses. For added efficiency, the FP403 is compatible with the Orbis DFP24-402 Dolly, if tote mobility is required. By using the FP403, companies can reduce their environmental impact through reuse.

Designed and engineered to provide user efficiency, the FP403 offers the following features:

• The ability to accommodate larger products in transit, with generous internal capacity and 14-in. product clearance.

• Longer service life with lower per-trip or per-turn costs than alternative corrugated boxes.

• Metal hinge pin design to prevent hinges from backing out.

• New and improved plastic hinge design.

• Reinforced rim and corners.

• Lid ribbing that links with the base to add strength.

• Contoured handle for user comfort.

• A textured solid or drain-hole bottom.

The FP403’s smooth, nonporous, hygienic construction does not absorb moisture or odor and protects products from damage. The all-plastic design ensures dimensional consistency and repeatable performance in automated systems. With an extended service life of up to 250 trips, these totes add efficiencies with a return on investment in six to 18 months (length of service life and payback time depends on specific application). When they have reached the end of their service life, FP403 totes can be fully recycled.

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