Peli BioThermal: Temperature-controlled shipping systems

CoolPall Vertos, a high-performance bulk shipping system, has been successfully launched in Europe.

Peli BioThermal has launched its next generation of high-performance bulk shipping systems in Europe. The product range was unveiled at the 2014 Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Europe Conference in Germany.

Robust performance and speed of use were the drivers for the introduction of the new range. The modular systems have been designed with the ability to be flat-packed, easily conditioned, and assembled at great speed. Start-to-finish assembly time takes less than five min.

CoolPall Vertos’ required cooling components have been greatly reduced, and they’re coupled with speed of assembly and unique design element benefits that include the following:

• Inspection hatch that minimizes the potential for excursions during customs inspection

• Freestanding components that lock into place, eradicating the possibility of incorrect packing

• Interlocking high-density construction that increases the possibility of reuse

CoolPall Vertos’ ergonomic design uses interlocking components to ensure quick, easy assembly. Timed trials are at three min.Using high-density, molded materials for thermal and mechanical robustness allows the product to remain lightweight. Modular components across the entire range reduce inventory.

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