Innovatum Integrates ROBAR Labeling System with Microscan’s LVS- 7510 Print Quality Inspection Solution to Ensure 100% Label Quality for Life-Sciences Industry

Innovatum will demonstrate capabilities of fully automated label inspection technology using Microscan’s LVS 7510 at the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference 2017 in Chicago, IL on October 17-19, 2017. This unique development addresses the pervasive need of the life-sciences industry for ensuring label quality and improving patient safety.

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Microscan, a global technology leader in barcoding, machine vision, verification, and lighting solutions, will partner with Innovatum, a leading regulated labeling software and consulting services company for life-sciences, to present a fully integrated label inspection technology helping life-science manufacturers assure that all product labels are correct and barcodes meet quality grading requirements. Although scanning technologies and software for barcode verification have been around for quite some time, this fully automated closed-loop solution saves set-up time, boosts productivity of label management and inspection processes, and ensures that the risks and costs associated with mistakes and poor quality of the labels are minimized.

Innovatum will be demonstrating the integration of its ROBAR Labeling system with Microscan’s LVS-7510 print quality inspection solution embedded within a Zebra printer from the Booth #7 at the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference taking place in Chicago, IL on October 17-19. This breakthrough development is a fully automated complex solution that checks the entirety of label data to ensure data on that label is based on the information received from the Automated ID and Data Capture part of the system and is a match to the ROBAR labeling database.

With most label inspection systems, available in the market, the set-up time generally required to accurately check the output of 100% of each product run can be onerous. Short production runs increase the frequency of set-up cycles. The seamless integration of the LVS-7510 software with Innovatum Robar label management software via a one-time setup at the label design stage, makes the label inspection process effortless. The same mechanism makes it possible to automatically scan labels using the same label template for tens of thousands of different products, making the inspection process much more efficient. Geographically distributed organizations with production facilities all over the world will benefit from this solution through more proactive label quality management across the entire organization and remote facilities.

“We are extremely pleased to be delivering the most automated label print quality system in conjunction with Microscan for the life-science industry. Together, our joint solution transforms global 100% print inspection capabilities from a “nice to have” to a “why don’t we have that already,”- said Ardi Batmanghelidj, President and CEO of Innovatum, Inc..

Unlike other industries, life-science manufacturers carry an unparalleled responsibility for ensuring the right content is on the right label. One small labeling mistake can make the difference between life or death. This responsibility necessitates a quality assurance approach that can be well achieved with an integrated, highly productive label inspection technology, eliminating human errors and saving time of the user.

Visitors to the GS1 Healthcare Conference can discuss capabilities of the solution from Innovatum booth # 7. Solution experts will be available at the event from October 17 – 19, 2017 to discuss custom projects.

For additional information, or to schedule a demonstration with solution experts, please contact Innovatum at

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