SiO2 Medical Products Signs Commercialization Agreement with TheraDep

Agreement enables the manufacture and commercialization of BioDep™ coated multi-well plates

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SiO2 Medical Products, Inc. ("SMP"), a U.S.-based designer, developer, manufacturer, and supplier of pharmaceutical packaging, labware, and consumables products, today announced the signing of an agreement for the manufacture and commercialization of multi-well plates treated with BioDep™ tissue coating technologies developed by TheraDep Technologies, Inc. ("TheraDep"). During the term of the agreement, SMP will be the exclusive supplier of BioDep™ coated cell and tissue culture multi-well plates for general purpose use and non-exclusive partner for such coatings on other labware or consumables.

TheraDep Technologies has developed a rare achievement in medical science, an entirely new therapeutic modality – solving the need for better non-systemic delivery of pure, active biologics or drugs bonded directly to human tissue or to the surfaces of medical devices. BioDep™ coatings are deposited using cold atmospheric plasma-based deposition used in Research and Diagnostics to bind tissue or cells for biological assays and other labware applications. "TheraDep has developed a unique technology to bond active biologic or drug coatings in a single step to any hard surface. The coatings provide significant manufacturing and performance advantages at exceptionally low cost. We are excited to partner with SMP, a company with strong expertise in manufacturing and plasma-based deposition, to accelerate our commercial opportunities," said Patrick Burt, CEO of TheraDep.

The agreement with TheraDep adds another unique plasma coating/treatment technology to SMP's existing portfolio of products. SMP currently manufactures and supplies a broad range of multi-well plates under its PureWARE™ brand in Auburn, Alabama, including PureWARE™ ULB (maximum sample protein/peptide recovery – even at low concentrations), PureWARE™ ULE (minimal extraction of additives or polymeric components into the protein/peptide solution with common organic solvents), and PureWARE™ UC (cleaner contact surface than glass). The multi-well plates are available in a range of formats and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art Class 7 clean room facility. "SMP is excited to add the BioDep™ coatings technology to our existing product portfolio. SMP can leverage our core capabilities in manufacturing and plasma-based deposition to commercialize the BioDep™ coating technology and provide a new offering to the marketplace. Our business engagement with TheraDep will enable us to provide yet another innovative multi-well plate solution to customers in the labware industry," commented Martin Tricarico, Vice President of SMP.

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