ACRP and DrugDev Partner to Increase Visibility of Clinical Researcher and Site Profiles to Pharma Sponsors and Major CROs Running More Than One-Third of Global Clinical Trials

DrugDev Profiles system eliminates burden and speeds site selection by enabling researchers and sites among 13,000-person ACRP membership to create one profile accessible to everyone using the DrugDev Spark Platform

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The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and DrugDev announced today a historic achievement in radically decreasing clinical trial investigator burden. The two organizations have partnered together to offer ACRP clinical researchers and site staff members online profiles visible to premier pharma companies and CROs. These companies and CROs represent more than one-third of all clinical trials today and will support ACRP members' needs for faster, more efficient site selection. This achievement is made possible by the DrugDev Profiles System, which uses the DrugDev Golden Number to match and master site facilities and personnel information.

ACRP is the first organization to launch a partnership with DrugDev offering online profiles to clinical researchers via

All sponsors and CROs who use DrugDev services for study planning and site identification will be able to view investigator sites and personnel profiles from ACRP members.

Online Profiles and Investigator Burden

About 80% of sites maintain an online profile to decrease burden during feasibility and startup. Additionally, online profiles allow sites to provide their information once, instead of at the start of each new trial.

While these advances help, online profiles are still a significant source of investigator burden. The DrugDev 2016 Global Investigator Survey found that 35% of sites have at least three online profiles, and nearly 10% maintain 11 or more profiles. These data suggest that finding a way to increase collaboration industry-wide is critical for investigators to participate in clinical trials.

DrugDev Spark Reduces Investigator Burden

In 2014, the profiles module of DrugDev Spark launched in partnership with Investigator Databank with the goal of driving industry-wide collaboration and decreasing the burden associated with online profiles, feasibility, site identification, and site start-up. Study sponsors can access site profiles through DrugDev Spark modules and users can quickly and easily export their Profile as a standard format CV to share with any CRO or sponsor. The result is a win-win, matching the right sites with the right studies and decreasing site burden while increasing visibility for study opportunities.

"Partnering with DrugDev to increase the visibility of ACRP members and their organizations supports our mission to promote excellence in clinical research," says Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director. "We are excited about this unique opportunity to provide additional value to our members."

Elisa Cascade, President of Data Solutions at DrugDev, explained, "DrugDev is passionate about technology that improves the site experience, and partnering with ACRP on online profiles is a great example of how we are using collaboration and standardization to reduce clinical researcher burden. Moreover, making investigator and site profiles available to the multiple CROs and sponsors who use the DrugDev platform reduces the number of basic site information requests. This in turn allows investigators to spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time focused on clinical activities. It also allows the CROs and sponsors to target their study opportunities better to the right sites."

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