The New PAKSIS D10 Packaging System

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Paksis is the successful alliance between Fameccanica, the leading manufacturer of converters, and Optima, the leading manufacturer of packaging machines, which has existed now for twelve years. At INDEX, these companies are introducing the new PAKSIS D10 packaging solution for diapers for the first time. PAKSIS D10 achieves an output of up to 105 packages/min. Up to 35 units/min are manufactured for double-row formats.

Paksis systems provide stable processes for flexible areas of application. The packaging system can be modularly adapted to customer needs. Paksis packaging systems are designed ex works for integration with Fameccanica converters and thereby substantially reduce the amount of planning required by the customer. PAKSIS D10 is now the fifth system to be developed and marketed jointly by Fameccanica and Optima. Other models are available with PAKSIS A6 for adult care, PAKSIS N12 for feminine care and the PAKSIS D5 starter model for diapers. PAKSIS D10 replaces the previous model D7.

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