New Tekni-Plex Website Provides Overview for the Company’s Six Business Units, Plus Corporate Capabilities

Tekni-Plex recently unveiled its new web site designed to quickly provide overview information to decision makers in all the markets it serves. The website is organized both by business units and by end-use markets to make searching easier.

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Its business units include Colorite (medical-grade compounds), Natvar (medical device tubing), Tekni-Films/Gallazi (thermoformable and flexible films, lidding foils and pouch materials), Tri-Seal (closure liners), Action Technology (aerosol and pump dispensing system components) and Dolco (egg cartons, fruit trays).

The website uses molecular-themed graphics to communicate its use of advanced polymer technology to develop products across all business units.

“We want the professionals who are interested in our products to have a better understanding of Tekni-Plex as a whole and the global footprint that supports all of our business units,” said Steve Penn, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Tekni-Plex. “We employ 2,500 people—in Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Italy, Northern Ireland and the United States—whose responsibility it is to bring leading-edge solutions to the customers we serve.”

Tekni-Plex’s global presence and strength give it access to a broad range of material and developmental resources. This enables the company to create products that are safe, reliable, consistent and quality-driven. In addition, its businesses work in highly regulated markets so they offer decades of expertise in navigating global regulatory requirements.

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