Effectus Clinical Trial Recruitment Services Announces Launch

Unique Approach to Enhance Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

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The MJM Signature Group is pleased to announce the launch of Effectus, a clinical trial recruitment company which will join Spire Learning and CPE Communications as a new division.

Effectus has developed a unique approach to patient recruitment by working directly with targeted, pre-screened physicians who have signed on and are committed to the Effectus process. Their active engagement facilitates a high volume of qualified patients enrolling in clinical trials. The Effectus method will help to increase patient recruitment rates, thereby accelerating completion of clinical trials and enabling important drugs to come to market sooner.

Chris Miller, VP Business Development, commented that “through the work we have completed with CPE Communications and our colleagues in the healthcare industry, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the multiple challenges that clinical trial investigators face, the most limiting of which is patient recruitment. Recruitment delays impact overall clinical trial timelines and impede access to needed new medications.”

Miller highlighted the importance of keeping the integrity of the patient-physician relationship intact while facilitating the recruitment process. “We are confident that our unique approach allows for more targeted and expedient patient recruitment, which will translate into higher overall clinical trial enrollment rates”, said Miller. “In the context of that process we want to be certain that we preserve the critical connection the patient has with their physician to ensure that we get the right patient into the right trial.”

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