A Leading Medical Devices Packaging Company Received IOPP AmeriStar Award

Barger, a leading medical devices packaging designer and thermoformer, has received the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP)’s AmeriStar award in the medical device category.

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The IOPP contest is considered as one of the most prestigious packaging design competitions in North America. This competition has been judged by industry experts. Barger Packaging is based in Elkhart, IN and active in pharmaceutical & custom medical packaging design & cleanroom manufacturing industry from over 40 years. Barger is a division of Placon and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. It offers design, tooling, cleanroom prototyping, and thermoforming services. Moreover, it produces turnkey, sterile, and non-sterile barrier packaging systems at its WI, Madison, and Elkhart facilities.

“The unique packaging design resulted from NorthStar’s desire to consolidate a number of key components into one module and Barger’s ability to make concepts a reality,” said Ray Heasty, Mechanical Engineer for NorthStar. “The resulting reagent pack is easy to store, install, and dispose of after use while performing in contents’ inspections, providing a real benefit for customers using NorthStar’s RadioGenix System.”
The intelligent packaging assembly design of Barger assists in holding and protecting product contents at the time of shipping & handling and offers convenience. Various design features are engineered in the assembly such as a 360° perforated panel that is placed at the base of the unit. This panel is a crucial component of technetium-99m generation process of NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes. The package and product work in collaboration to create critical isotopes. These isotopes can be used in medical diagnostic and imaging procedures. The package holds a depleted product, which consists of three liquid reagent bags, one being tubing, caustic, and couplers. These reagent bags are discarded to ensure handler safety while offering ease-of-use, functionality, and disposal.

Mike Motl, Senior Product Designer, Barger, stated that the company’s approach is end user-centric. Motl also stated that customer is fully supported through the design cycle from concept, prototyping, tooling, specification, and product development. He involved team members during the early stages of design cycle to merge customers’ expectations with manufacturing capabilities and end user requirements. This planning assisted them in incorporation of unique features such as the trimming application used in the NorthStar package. With their design approach, they believe that innovation can be introduced in the design cycle at any point during the collaborative process.

Analysts have revealed an extensive statistics and significant data on changing market trends. Big Market Research has added a report titled, “Global Medical Device Packaging Market 2016–2020.” The report provides a comprehensive analysis of drivers, challenges, opportunities, geographical segmentation, market segmentation, and overall industry overview.

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