Savi launches estimated time of arrival (ETA) as a service to deliver unrivaled accuracy and visibility across the supply chain

New IoT-enabled service improves customers’ ETA accuracy by 10X

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Savi®, a pioneer in sensor technology and sensor data analytics solutions, today launched ETA as a Service (ETAaaS™), the industry's first service that provides granular ETA information on when goods will arrive at their intended destination. For the first time, global organizations can know ETA with ten times greater accuracy in order to maximize labor planning, substantially minimize costs, and improve overall customer service and loyalty. By utilizing Savi's proprietary advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics solution, which processes multiple real-time data sources, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and historical information and transforms the data into actionable intelligence, ETAaaS helps manufacturers reduce out-of-stocks, improve cross docking and optimize inventory management across the entire supply chain.

Savi ETAaaS, which provides organizations with real-time alert notifications to quickly highlight if goods will arrive later or earlier than expected, improves supply chain forecasting and planning while reducing transportation and inventory carrying costs. A Fortune 50 consumer packaged goods (CPG) firm is using Savi ETAaaS as part of a major initiative to track and trace 85,000 shipments each week and is expected to generate as much as $6 billion in supply chain cost savings over ten years. Also, Savi ETAaaS is already deployed at SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies, to track and provide ETA for more than 1,000 commercial firms that transport $18 billion worth of goods annually.

ETAaaS is a scalable, SaaS analytics solution that processes massive amounts of machine-to-machine (M2M) data including telematics, real-time sensor and historical data, and applies advanced machine learning algorithms to transform the data into actionable, easy-to-grasp analytics that deliver the most accurate ETA estimates. Firms that rely on milestone-based ETA solutions or legacy planning systems cannot deliver real-time global multi-modal ETA across truck, rail, air and shipping because they do not utilize big data, machine learning and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled technologies. These inefficient approaches have increased inventory levels by an average of four days over the past two years, while on time arrivals decreased by five percent in the same time frame due to transportation disruptions and delays. In contrast, Savi ETAaaS customers have witnessed a minimum of 10X accuracy improvement.

"Most firms don't have the capabilities and resources to build and develop ETA solutions, and if they do they are using outdated, inefficient solutions that cannot deliver real-time global ETA," said Bill Clark, President and CEO, Savi. "Savi's ETAaaS uses the most advanced IoT-enabled analytics to provide multi-national commercial organizations with a tremendous competitive advantage. For the first time, supply chain operators can now accurately predict ETA, reduce operational costs and risk and provide a level of agility and innovation that drives sustainable customer loyalty."

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