Amcor Flexible's life cycle assessment tool at the top of the game

As a global packaging leader, Amcor Flexibles has a responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of all its operations and products.

The Advanced Sustainability Stewardship Evaluation Tool (ASSET™) is a key element of Amcor's journey towards excellence in sustainability.

11 September, 2012: Today Amcor Flexibles is proud to announce that the background methodology and reporting content of ASSET™ has successfully achieved certification from the Carbon Trust, a global leader in carbon management and carbon footprint certification based in London, UK.

Through the ASSET™ toolkit and in close partnership with customers, Amcor Flexibles applies a life cycle-based approach to identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of packaging solutions. With more than 500 life cycle assessments run each year with ASSET™, the tool is an integral part of the company's product development process.

Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Leader at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas, points out: "ASSET™ enables us to align our packagingdevelopment with the sustainability objectives of our customers, and makes the use of carbon footprinting and other life cycle data 'business as usual' .. With ASSET™ we deliver both incremental as well as step change sustainability improvements that benefit our company, our customers and the complete value chain."

ASSET™ is grounded in internationally-recognized standards and best practices in environmental life cycle assessment. The certification by the Carbon Trust further underpins the tool's credibility, by confirming that the cradle-to-gate carbon footprinting methodology in ASSET™ is in conformity with the requirements of the key international standards in this area - the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard and the PAS 2050. Furthermore, the background life cycle data will undergo periodic surveillance by the Carbon Trust to ensure it continues to conform to international standards.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, commented: "It is great to see companies like Amcor Flexibles develop tools which enable them to provide transparent carbon footprint information to their customers. Amcor Flexibles have gone a step further to provide confidence to their customers by having the background methodology and calculations of ASSET™ independently certified by theCarbon Trust. Having a full understanding of where carbon reductions can be made is a critical step to lowering the environmental impact of a product."
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