Heat-seal coating for blister packs

Lubrizol Corp launched its new BlisterBond Pro advanced heat-seal coating designed specifically for carded blister-pack applications.

Hp 20324 Lubrizol Blister Bond
Compatible with rPET, APET, PVC, and other common blister types, BlisterBond Pro's aqueous chemistry outperforms solvent-based and aqueous polyurethane dispersion industry benchmarks.

BlisterBond Pro is applicable for use in a wide range of bonding temperatures and humidity conditions, and can be used wherever strong seals at low temperatures are required.

BlisterBond Pro benefits include the following:
• Compatibility with various blister types, especially rPET
• Adhesion strength
• Blocking resistance
• Enhanced "fill and seal" printing process throughput
• Lower VOCs than traditional solvent-based formulations
• Minimized variations in production due to humidity and temperature
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