METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision White Paper Details the Part that Vision Inspection Can Play in Food Safety Assurance Programs

METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision, a leader in the design and implementation of machine vision inspection programs, has made available a white paper that details the benefits that a vision inspection component can add to a food safety assurance program.

According to a recent AIB International report, 43% of food product recalls is due to package mislabeling. The FDA reports that mislabeling is a major food safety issue, as allergens and other potentially dangerous ingredients are omitted from labels.

Recalls and costly product rework can greatly affect the viability of a company,
making preventive actions the key to protecting and sustaining a company's reputation and profitability.

As a way to safeguard against devastating FDA recalls, as well as against potential liability suits, implementing a vision inspection solution can provide the assurance that 100% of mislabeled products are detected before ever leaving the manufacturing floor. Vision inspection systems are able to detect 100% of the defects they are trained to capture, thus eliminating the potential of mislabeled products reaching the marketplace.
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