Crest Solutions & PRISYM ID Sign Agreement to Deliver an Elite Error Free Labeling Solution for the Medical Device Market

PRISYM ID, leaders in labeling and identification solutions, and Crest Solutions, an industry leader in the provision of machine vision solutions, today announced that the companies can now provide a joint offering to the medical device sector.

The agreement will allow PRISYM ID to provide a best-of-breed solution combining PRISYM Medica; a purpose designed validated labeling solution for organizations that require FDA compliance, and Crest Solutions PrintInspector™; a high accuracy in-line print verification system.

Labeling is an integral component within the medical device production process; ensuring products are correctly identified and branded in accordance with the FDA's stringent regulations. Currently, label integrity involves a two-stage process, with the design and print process often being managed separately from the inspection process, either on an ad-hoc basis and / or off-site from the core print production. This two-stage process can be prone to human error and cause unnecessary delays in the print process as errors that are identified need to be manually identified and corrected. Furthermore, it puts medical device manufacturers at risk of non-compliance with the FDA regulations.

The integrated solution will offer manufacturers complete label integrity from design and print through to label inspection, eliminating the risks that can occur through printer issues, partially automated systems and human error. Errors that are automatically identified will now include seemingly small mistakes, which may be difficult to spot to the human eye, such as underburn, overburn, diagonal lines and streaks, spots and voids, poorly defined characters and offset or misplaced print. These mistakes, if unidentified, may actually lead to significant health and safety and compliance issues further down the line. The solution documents not only what was sent to the printer but also what was actually printed and is recorded in the audit log, meaning errors can be quickly pinpointed and effectively rectified.

This is the first label design package to hit the market that allows medical device manufacturers to design labels, format them ready-for-print and inspection and deploy them globally to their packaging sites. Benefits include:

• Inline and in sequence reprints;
• Single audit log;
• Removes a layer of management and workflow;
• Keeps label inspection simple.

PRISYM ID can also sell PrintInspector™ on a stand-alone basis.

“We are excited about the synergy that this partnership with PRISYM ID offers the medical devices manufacturing industry. The merger of our specialism in print inspection software development with PRISYM ID's proven ability to deploy corporate scale labeling solutions, is a compelling proposition for the marketplace that will yet further enable medical device manufacturers to become fully FDA compliant,” comments Frank Madden, Founder and CEO at Crest Solutions.

“We believe that this collaboration between PRISYM Medica and PrintInspector™ will offer our customers an almost fail safe solution in their production and verification of regulated labels. We're delighted to have a number of customers who are already interested in this offering and are certain that this will grow as customers evaluate the significant benefits to their label workflow processes.” said Mick Daw, CEO at PRISYM ID.

PRISYM ID will be exhibiting on Booth # 1465 at MD&M East, Philadelphia on 22-24th May where you will be able to discuss this solution. For further information on the event please contact us.

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