New authenticity features are making life difficult for brand counterfeits

Leonhard Kurz will be presenting the latest generation of its diffractive authenticity feature, Trustseal, at Drupa 2012.

The optical product identification specialist has equipped this so-called OVD (Optical Variable Device) with new features that will stop counterfeiters in their tracks.

Trustseal OVDs can be equipped with a variety of special elements, depending on customer requirements and the required level of security. These include not only lens, relief and contrast effects, but also hidden features that only become visible at specific viewing angles or under very high magnification. Thanks to the design flexibility and high functional potential of the Trustseal technology, it is possible to continuously integrate new security features into the OVDs, thereby creating an unfamiliar and ever increasingly difficult barrier to counterfeiters.

According to Kurz, its newly developed PM Premium technology offers an extremely high level of counterfeit protection. PM Premium stands for a product line in which a simulated surface relief is combined with further diffractive elements with transparent areas. The process of partially metallizing image elements poses manufacturing challenges that can only be overcome with specialized know-how. Kurz is proud of the high-precision partial metallization it has achieved with PM Premium, whereby sophisticated metallized designs have been placed in register with non-metallized areas at a tolerance that is practically indiscernible to the eye.

A further new Trustseal element is called Latent Photo. A Trustseal with an integrated Latent Photo element displays a high-resolution grayscale image at normal viewing angles. When the OVD is tilted upwards and viewed at a very oblique angle, however, the previous grayscale image transforms into a vibrant color photo. Alternatively, it is possible to integrate a further image flip so that the colored photo doesn't appear until the third image. At normal viewing angles, the background shows a large-area gray scale image that is overlapped by a colorful single image. When the image is tilted to the left or the right, a second single image appears in different colors. The color photo is revealed as a third design as soon as the OVD is tilted upwards and viewed at an extremely oblique angle. The Latent Photo effect can be utilized not only as a barrier to counterfeiting, but also as an exclusive design element. Any type of photo can be implemented as a Latent Photo, for example portraits of well-known personalities, depictions of famous buildings, or photographs relating to the manufacturer or product.

A third new Trustseal effect is called Bottle Neck. Just like Latent Photo, it offers a combination of brand protection and sophisticated brand design. The Bottle Neck effect has been designed especially for bottle seals. When OVDs are applied to curved surfaces like the necks of bottles, the full effect of the glittery, diffractive design normally only comes into play within a narrow section of the label. The diffractive Bottle Neck structures, however, have been designed in such a way that the design appears bright and colorful across the entire width, and all readily visible information is perceivable at a glance. To see these and other novel Trustseal effects for yourself, visit the Kurz booth D70 in Hall 3.
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