Westpak Announces New 10KLB Shimadzu Load Frame Put Into Service

Westpak Inc., a world class ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with two facilities in California, recently announced the addition of a new Shimadzu 10,000-pound load frame in its San Jose, CA facility.

According to Mark Escobedo, Chief Technologist at Westpak, Inc., the machine features the "Soft & Mighty" gripping jaw system which is better able to handle difficult tensile tests on specimens without the need for "neck down" or "dog bone" shaped test specimens.

"The high capacity and smooth operation of this machine will allow us to test larger and more complicated specimens and increase our capability in other areas such as fatigue testing and analysis," claims Escobedo. "Chosen because of its small footprint and advanced Trapezium software, Westpak, Inc. can now offer additional extensive tensile and compression testing for a wider variety of applications. We are excited about this greatly increased test capability which we can now offer our growing customer base."
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