Catalent Pharma Solutions and Newmarket Pharmaceuticals LLC Partner to develop better treatments for production and companion animals

Catalent Pharma Solutions, a leading global drug delivery technology company, and NewMarket Pharmaceuticals LLC have entered into an agreement to jointly formulate and develop a portfolio of products for treating production and companion animals using Catalent's proprietary, market-leading Zydis fast-dissolve technology and NewMarket's DSI platform (Direct Systemic Introduction, patent pending).

NewMarket Pharmaceuticals is currently developing five drugs that will combine Catalent's Zydis® fast-dissolve and their own DSI™ technologies, initially including NSAIDs, beta agonists, proton pump inhibitors, and behavior modifiers across a variety of species including horses, dogs, and cattle, with plans to expand the range in other classes. These new animal health products are expected to provide significant advantages over existing formulations currently used across a spectrum of indications for companion animals, equine, and production animals.

Mark Ridall, CEO of NewMarket Pharmaceuticals, states that, “These easy-to-use formulations could revolutionize the way we treat animals by providing for a simple, efficient, accurate method of treatment without the use of needles.”

“This partnership with NewMarket Pharmaceuticals demonstrates not only our commitment to provide more products and better treatments to our customers, but also signifies the versatile benefits that our Zydis® fast-dissolve technology continues to deliver,” stated Paul Jenkins, Global VP of Catalent's ODT business.

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