Labeltrack@IPACK-IMA 2012. First-class labeling and traceability on display

220 companies to exhibit their latest labeling, coding and marking technology solutions serving distribution as well as industrial and sales logistics.

Once upon a time there were labels, one might say. Today the traceability systems we were once used to, carrying only a limited amount of product information, have been fully replaced by new, groundbreaking technology. Thanks to microelectronics, traceability systems are now seamlessly integrated into the processing and packaging process and are capable of “following” any product, whether it be food, producer or consumer goods.

A comprehensive ID system carrying a detailed record of the product's route from raw materials down to the end user. This brings several advantages under many aspects: safety (the origin and shelf life of food is just one example), logistics, certification of origins.

Over 220 companies active in developing the most advanced labeling and traceability systems existing today will be part of the specially designed Labeltrack thematic route at IPACK-IMA 2012. Top-notch technology and solutions for labeling, coding, marking and traceability will be on display at an event specifically dedicated to the very machinery and technology such systems are designed to integrate into.

The comprehensive technology display will be flanked by an extensive calendar of presentations of new products and traceability frontiers held by a number of exhibiting companies. The detailed presentation calendar is available on the exhibition's website at the following link:

The meetings will take place inside the Innovation Corner, Hall 18, stand H18.

IPACK-IMA, on stage at Fiera Milano from February 28th to March 3rd, is a world-leading event for several food and non-food sectors. Labeltrack at IPACK-IMA is universally recognized as a top-class showcase for pioneering products and a chance to take stock of the latest developments in the different phases of the material handling process.
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