ACMA and Volpak organizations are integrated into a single operational entity

ACMA and Volpak are well recognized global leaders in the Consumer Goods Packaging Machinery sector, providing valuable and innovative engineering solutions and worldwide technical support to their customers.

In line with Coesia Group's strategic commitment to the Consumer Goods Packaging sector, ACMA and Volpak organizations are integrated into a single operational entity referred to as "ACMA-Volpak". This integration, which is effective as of the 1st of February 2012, will in no way disrupt any on-going customer project of ACMA and Volpak. The new organizational unit, which embraces the brands ACMA, Volpak, Enflex, MC Automations, Tecnosweet and Tecnomeccanica, with manufacturing premises in Italy, Spain and India, will increase the value proposition to you, as our customers, through higher innovation capacity, more streamlined customer support and improved global presence and capabilities. ACMA-Volpak, with sales of over Euro 150 million, will represent one of the top players worldwide in the Consumer Goods Packaging Machinery sector. COESIA is a group of innovation-based industrial companies operating globally and headquartered in Bologna, Italy, which are leaders in the sector of Advanced automated machines, High-end production logistics, Production quality enhancing systems and Precision gears with sales of Euro 1.2 billion, 48 production plants (in 27 countries), 60 operating units and around 5,000 employees worldwide. COESIA's customers are the leading players in Health & Beauty Care, Consumer Goods, Tobacco and Automotive, Racing & Aerospace industries. In the frame of this new organisation, Angelos Papadimitriou, CEO of COESIA, will act as interim Chief Executive Officer of ACMA-Volpak

Roberto Bonini, currently CEO of Volpak, is appointed ACMA-Volpak Chief Operating Officer;
Jordi Jordana, currently CEO of ACMA, is appointed head of ACMA-Volpak Sales, Service, Marketing & Business Development.

Within the Sales, Service, Marketing & Business Development department:

Xavier Möller, currently Sales Manager of Volpak, is appointed Sales Manager of ACMA - Volpak;
Stefano de Maria, currently Marketing & Business Development Manager in ACMA, is appointed Marketing & Business Development Manager of ACMA - Volpak;
Luca Saccardi, Systems Engineering Manager in ACMA, is appointed Systems Engineering Manager of ACMA - Volpak

For more detailed information about this new organisation, you may get in touch with your usual sales contacts.
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