Health Robotics Selects Grifols' Genesis I.V Room Inventory Management System Carrousels. Unprecedented Integration

Grifols and Health Robotics jointly announced today the expansion of their I.V.

Room of the Future partnership to include the unmatched benefits of integration between Genesis Inventory Management System (distributed by Grifols) and Health Robotics' i.v.STATION, i.v.STATION ONCO, and i.v.SOFT.

“During i.v.STATION's due diligence process, which included visits to 5 hospitals in the Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles already using the robot for patients, we witnessed why i.v.STATION has totally dominated I.V. Robotics since its market introduction in late 2009. The unanimous feedback from Pharmacy Directors at these Academic, Community and Pediatric hospitals alike included i.v.STATION's short deployment cycles to “Live” status, averaging 5 months from purchase date; same-year payback (R.O.I.) by replacing custom manufactured and pre-mix/frozen solutions with just-in-time, centrally filled, robotic I.V. doses; proven sterility, ISO-3 (inside clean rooms)-ISO-5 (outside clean rooms) air quality, and USP 797 compliance” stated Juan Miguel Cana, Grifols USA's General Manager.

The integration between the companies' revolutionary I.V. Room products permits the retrieval of I.V. Compounding materials based on actual items stocked within the I.V. Room instead of working through formulary-only lists; reducing i) inefficient and long trips in/out of the I.V. Room; ii) multiple and unnecessary gown-ups; and iii) time-consuming searches for drug vials and I.V. solutions in stand-alone refrigerators. As an additional integration benefit, when Genesis stores final compounded doses, it can automatically create batch orders to i.v.STATION and i.v.SOFT based on par levels to prevent stock-outs and perform inventory turns, resulting in reduced I.V. Room waste.

“After evaluating all major carrousel-based Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems in the North American market, Genesis is no doubt the gold standard for the I.V. Room. Its dual chambers [refrigerated and ambient] temperature storage, Class 100K HEPA filtration, and the unique bi-directional interface to i.v.STATION, i.v.SOFT Assist, and i.v.STATION ONCO puts it well above all other legacy carrousel-based inventory management systems. Other legacy Pharmacy Inventory Management systems were developed for Oral Medications and, in my opinion, fit Sterile Products like a square peg in a round hole,” stated Gaspar DeViedma, Health Robotics' Executive Vice President.
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