IoPP's 'Fundamentals' course offers relevanttopics that help build packaging's value

Fundamentals increases your packaging knowledge For people who are new to packaging, or professionals who don't have a packaging "degree" but want to become more knowledgeable about packaging, interesting and relevant topics, and a well-qualified instructor, are essential to grasping the "how-tos" that enable professionals to build value for their company.

IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course delivers on all accounts, and it's coming to Atlanta this fall. People who have taken the course say they learned packaging tactics that have helped them solve problems. That builds value for their company-and strengthens the bottom line. What else have they learned? Alternatives to their current packaging, how and when to consider new materials, and making decisions that result in the best possible package while also controlling costs. IoPP is offering all four semesters of Fundamentals of Packaging Technology in September and October in Atlanta. Use this opportunity to begin working your way through all four semesters, or select only those semesters that you need. You can take the semesters in any order, at any location. IoPP soon will be announcing additional dates and locations for 2012. Fundamentals of Packaging Technology respects your time. You can take as few as three days to learn about some aspect of packaging-from printing to folding cartons to sustainability.
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