3C Packaging Completes Construction of Dedicated Ink Room

3C Packaging, an independent privately-owned packaging solutions company, recently completed the construction of a dedicated ink room in their Clayton, NC headquarters.

The room also houses the company's new spectrophotometer, a unique system that provides greater control of the color matching process to better meet clients' expectations by delivering superior print results.

Spectrophotometry is a process in which inks are accurately and repeatedly mixed to achieve a match within one Delta E, a tolerance barely perceptible to the human eye. This ensures consistency of color from batch to batch and run to run, thereby reducing the variability of the printing process and simplifying the final stages of client approval.

This machine will be used to execute 3C's proprietary “Color by Numbers” concept - the company's unique approach to the color management process.

“Installing this system further positions 3C as a leader in the science of color management and we are pleased to offer its capabilities to our growing customer base,” said Joe Elphick, President and CEO of 3C. “This technology, combined with our “Color by the Numbers” approach in the pressroom, enables us to reduce some of the cost factors normally found in the color approval process and reduce or eliminate the need for incoming inspection of color; a benefit our customers truly appreciate.”
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