ODIN Acquires Reva Systems, adds scalability and intelligence in RFID software

ODIN announced the acquisition of Reva Systems, a leading RFID software supplier to dozens of global organizations including Boeing, Disney Cancer Center, Procure, Sony, HP, Metro and the Universal Postal Union.

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Reva's innovative Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) software solution has received numerous awards for its patented technology. It is the only RFID software platform that enables rapid deployment of hundreds of readers and integration in hours thanks to the TAP's patented algorithms.

The TAP will be added to ODIN's RFID software portfolio which includes EasyEdge™, EasyMonitor™, EasyArms™, EasyKit™ and Intelligent Asset Management (I AM™). In addition, Reva's ground breaking passive RTLS software solution for healthcare assets and personnel, which leverages inexpensive passive UHF technology, will be added to ODIN's growing healthcare RFID portfolio. The TAP will be rebranded EasyTAP™.

“With $50 million of collective investment, ten patents granted or applied for and over 1,000 customer instances, the ODIN-Reva combination is a powerful software portfolio proven across a diverse customer base. Our clients increasingly require software which makes RFID solutions scalable and easy to integrate, and the TAP delivers that need for a booming market.” commented ODIN founder Patrick J. Sweeney II, “I am also pleased to welcome Abbott, Boeing, Disney Cancer Center, Sony, HP, Metro, Manor and DHL to the ODIN customer family along with the many skilled integrators that have deployed Reva software. We are increasing support for the TAP and also adding valuable new capabilities based on client feedback, and more importantly growing our vertical market RFID solutions in healthcare.”

“The number of RFID applications and uses continues to grow both within the supply chain and to more diverse markets as the technology matures,” said Timothy Zimmerman, Principal Research analyst at Gartner. “Rather than trying to put the tag, reader, middleware and application together themselves, clients want end to end vertical market solutions with proven business value that can be used today and scalable for the future. Many of these solutions will emerge from market consolidation.”

The combined portfolio of ODIN and Reva software is RFID's equivalent of a central nervous system, delivering the intelligence, reliability and scalability that global businesses require. The combination also creates a powerful platform for partners to develop vertical applications.

Reva has a newly developed passive RTLS module for healthcare; based on the TAP architecture it can scale to thousands of hospital rooms yet deployed in less than thirty minutes per room start to finish. Following this acquisition ODIN's products will be the most widely deployed RFID software globally.

ODIN's software suite is the only RFID solution grounded first on accuracy, then scalability and finally easy integration. ODIN's RFID software is designed to increase the value enterprises gain from existing ERP or asset management software (such as SAP or Oracle).

Reva Chairman and Co-Founder, Ashley Stephenson added, “The Reva team have long admired ODIN's ability to deploy accurate and easy to use RFID solutions for global organizations ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense and Mayo Clinic to Johnson & Johnson and Vail Resorts. In joining the ODIN family, we will continue our pioneering work to make RFID scalable and easy to integrate. Our existing clients and partners will also benefit from ODIN's market-leading product set including IAMTM - ODIN's Intelligent Asset Management software solution - which will be fully integrated to the TAP platform. As RFID adoption accelerates, ODIN is the only RFID software company positioned globally to meet demand quickly, with high accuracy and a stable, proven point of accountability."
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