Redundant Blister Film Sources Keep Tekni-Plex Customers in the Clear

Tekni-Plex, a global, diversified manufacturer of packaging products and materials for the healthcare, consumer and food packaging industries, is the only company in the world that utilizes two different suppliers of PCTFE, a polymer with a high moisture barrier, and the most suitable material for manufacturing pharmaceutical blister film.

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Sourcing PCTFE from two independent companies in two different countries enables Tekni-Plex to increase supply chain security for its customers.

“Now, more than ever, supply chain security is paramount,” said Derek Elin, Purchasing Manager of Tekni-Plex. “Ever since the market has experienced plant closures and discontinuation of several critical chemical components due to the economic climate, pharmaceutical and medical clientele have been looking at their packaging material supply chain with increased scrutiny.”

Sourcing PCTFE as both Aclar® and VapoShield™ reinforces Tekni-Plex's commitment to a steady supply of pharmaceutical blister film materials. The company offers a global network of production sites producing films in cleanroom environments in North America, South America, and Europe. Further, Tekni-Films' multiple production locations and an overall “dual sourcing strategy” for raw material suppliers helps to assure the highest level of product availability.
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