CSafe signs master lease agreement with Air Canada

CSafe, LLC, manufacturer of the AcuTemp RKN active temperature controlled cargo container, and Air Canada, Canada's largest full-service airline have signed a master lease agreement for CSafe's active temperature controlled containers.

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The agreement enhances the Air Canada Cargo's AC Cool Chain solution offering in meeting the needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical customers that require strict temperature control of their products during transport. The FAA, EASA and Transport Canada approved AcuTemp RKN offers the superior performance needed for shipping products with temperature requirements between +4 degrees Celsius to + 25 degrees Celsius.

“The AcuTemp RKN will be a great addition to the recently expanded AC Cool Chain solution. Over the next few months, Air Canada Cargo and CSafe will be working towards integrating the AcuTemp RKN into the AC Cool Chain solution. The AcuTemp container will offer our customers with additional specialized solutions for the transportation of temperature sensitive shipments,” said Mike Morey, Director of Marketing & Business Development. “As the largest full-service airline in Canada and with proven experience in transporting high value temperature controlled products, we are very pleased to have Air Canada as a CSafe airline partner,” stated Brian Kohr, General Manager of CSafe. “We are confident that Air Canada's AC Cool Chain customers will benefit from the reliable performance of the AcuTemp RKN and from the attention to detail offered by Air Canada Cargo in meeting the cold chain logistics needs of their customers,” said Kohr.

The superior performance of the CSafe AcuTemp RKN can be attributed to the thermal capabilities of its ThermoCor® insulation which provides extended operating efficiencies, as well as the unit's proprietary air movement, heating, and cooling systems that allow the AcuTemp RKN to maintain a consistent user-selected payload set-point across ambient temperatures as extreme as -30 degrees Celsius up to +49 degrees Celsius. The operating efficiency of the unit allows for a full load of product inside the container without the need for secondary packaging. This makes the AcuTemp RKN a cost effective solution compared to dry ice and other passive solutions. The container's data logging capabilities and ease of use make it a very good selection for inclusion in customers' standard operating procedures.
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