INTERPHEX Advisory Board sets program sights for 2011 event

The INTERPHEX Advisory Board has announced that the Call for Papers for the 2011 educational session has closed, and its decisions in selecting program topics from the submitted abstracts will be guided by initiatives launched in 2010. Among these are:

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l tracks and topics will be peer-reviewed for relevance and quality. This extension of review protocols resulted in enhanced 2010 session participation and the highest ratings in more than five years.

Topics will emphasize transferability in addition to biopharmaceuticals. The knowledge and practices discussed during the sessions will be directly transferrable to any dosage form, any size company and to any individual seeking to grow and understand cGMPS as practiced in the industry, proposed by organizations and enforced by regulators. "The INTERPHEX educational programs have evolved into more focused platforms which target contemporary pharmaceutical issues and provide immediately usable knowledge," said Advisory Board member Chad Wachter, Senior CMC Manager of BTG. This evolution was built on feedback from the 2010 attendees, whose motivations for attending INTERPHEX include:

· Educational knowledge for those seeking baseline understandings
· Confirmation for those seeking an affirmative assessment of their work processes in relation to others
· Benchmarking with colleagues
· Finding new technologies and education

Attendees also reported gaining deeper understanding and knowledge retention in sessions moderated by an INTERPHEX Advisory Board Member, a practice that will be continued in 2011.

"In 2010 INTERPHEX embarked in a new direction and in 2011we will further grow the educational and networking value of the program sessions to ensure they are a viable alternative to present forums for all professionals seeking to share their experiences and knowledge," said Bob Stewart, Industry Vice President for INTERPHEX. The 2011 educational program topics will be announced in November.

The 2010 changes included an increase in biopharmaceutical programming, mirroring the sector's growth in the industry. Conference roundtable luncheon presentations were devoted to it and in total more than thirty percent of the educational sessions were biopharma-relevant.

Show organizers also added a new Signature Series of breakfast sessions, which included FDA reports and the annually-anticipated outsourcing update by PharmSource's Jim Miller, in addition to luncheon presentations, on-site interviews and thirty conference sessions.

Another innovation that will be continued in 2011 was the development of industry segments, resulting in our new exhibitor zones: Facilities, Manufacturing, Automation Systems & Controls and Sourcing & Services, with winners of the Facility of the Year competition, sponsored by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), INTERPHEX and Pharmaceutical Processing magazine showcased in Facilities. This made it easier for potential buyers to find desired experts, whether pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, innovator or generic.

INTERPHEX has also developed a year-round connection with the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing community and its suppliers. Professionals are able to share news, source contacts and hold discussions through INTERPHEX on Facebook, Twitter (@INTERPHEX), and LinkedIn.

INTERPHEX Advisory Board

The 2011 INTERPHEX Advisory Board is comprised of volunteer industry experts who work with INTERPHEX organizers to develop unbiased, cutting-edge programming. They themselves provide insight on vital industry topics and access to sought-after speakers and thought leaders. Board members are:

Dr. Dilip Ashtekar, Ph.D., Chief Microbiologist for Operations and Director, Global Microbiology, Amgen, Inc.;
EJ Brandreth, Vice President, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Althea Technologies;
Laura Bush, Editor in Chief, BioPharm International magazine;
Paul Gold, Director/TL Marketed Product Support, Pfizer Global Manufacturing Services;
Michelle M. González, BioPharmaceutical Engineering Consultant;
M.J. Kimmel, Senior Director, Engineering & Facilities, Cephalon;
Juergen A. Martens, Ph.D., Corporate Vice President & Chief Technical Officer MannKind Corporation;
Jaspreet Singh Sidhu, Ph. D., Vice President Business Development and Pharmaceutical Biology, Molecular Epidemiology, Inc.;
Robert J. Timko, Ph. D., Director, CMC Group, AstraZeneca LP.;
Nicholas J. Virca, Chief Operating Officer, LamdaGen Corporation;
Chad Wachter, Senior CMC Manager, BTG.
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