DuPont Training Solutions Releases the DuPontTM Energy Efficiency eLearning Series

DuPont Training Solutions powered by Coastal announces the release of the DuPont£ Energy Efficiency e-learning series.

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The 16 online courses are designed to help industrial facilities around the world improve energy efficiency and profitability and are now available for free demonstration.

The DuPont£ Energy Efficiency e-learning series features specific practices to help improve industrial energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Developed by DuPont energy engineers and consultants, these practices have been proven in DuPont facilities and have been instrumental to the success of the DuPont Bold Energy Plan. In 2008 alone, the first full year under the Plan, DuPont sites saved $47 million in energy costs - or five percent of the prior year's costs.

The first two courses, Energy Smart and Energy Management Best Practices, help facilities implement their energy efficiency program in three key phases:

1. Building the business case and initiating the program.
2. Promoting employee awareness of energy efficiency.
3. Launching an effective energy optimization program with committed leadership and engaged employees to identify low cost, “quick win” improvement opportunities.

Remaining courses deliver proven best practices to target and optimize the most energy-intensive equipment and systems. Titles include:

* Energy System Instrumentation and Controls
* Theory of Steam Generation
* Fuels and the Combustion Process
* Boilers and Auxiliaries
* Emission Control and Ash Handling
* Steam Distribution
* Steam Turbines and Condensers
* Electricity Generation and Distribution
* Pumping Systems
* Cooling Towers
* Water Treatment
* Compressed Air
* Refrigeration
* HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

Dan McGonegle, Industrial Skills Manager, DuPont Training Solutions powered by Coastal, says, “When implemented as part of a comprehensive energy management program, these courses cover proven best practices that can result in energy cost savings going straight to the bottom line. Getting this material through instructor-led training or anywhere else - would cost significantly more. I am unaware of anyone who is offering this level of content and delivering it via e-learning.”

The DuPont£ Energy Efficiency series expands DuPont Training Solutions' industrial skills online course library to 346 titles. All courses are available for a free 15-day demonstration by calling 757-498-9014 or visiting
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